Julia Rehsmann

Julia Rehsmann is a research fellow and PhD candidate in Social Anthropology at the University of Bern and a member of the Swiss Graduate Program in Anthropology. As part of the SNSF-funded research project “Intimate Uncertainties,” she is focusing on transnational liver transplantation in Germany, exploring questions of morality, intimacy and precarity. She studied Social and Cultural Anthropology in Vienna and London and received her master’s degree in 2012. Her final thesis “Act of Violence – Act of Love” (German) deals with transnational adoption in Austria. Her research interests concern aspects of moral anthropology, transnational studies, organ transplantation, international adoption and relatedness/kinship studies.

Publications (peer reviewed)

Rehsmann, Julia (2017): Fighting Hydra: The Uncertainties of Waiting for a Liver Transplant. Tsantsa 22, 47-56.

Rehsmann, Julia (accepted): “Infantile Nightmare:” Learning to Deal with Death. In Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork, ed. Thomas Stodulka, Samia Dinkelaker and Ferdiansyah Thajib.

Rehsmann, Julia (in preparation): Confined Live(r)s: Alcohol and the Ethics of Limits. In Intimate Uncertainties: Ethnographic Explorations of Moral Economies Across Europe, Special Issue of the Anthropological Journal of European Cultures, ed. Sabine Strasser and Luisa Piart.

Publications (not peer-reviewed)

Rehsmann, Julia (forthcoming 2018): Organismus/Organism. In Hope, ed. Sarah Hildebrand. Basel: Christoph Merian Verlag.

Rehsmann, Julia (2012): (Ad)optionale Spurensuche. Transnationale Adoption in Österreich, in Paradigmata. Zeitschrift für Menschen und Diskurse (8), 18-21.

Presentations and Workshops

October 2017. “Lists in Flux, Lives on Hold? Understanding the Accessibility to, and Exclusion from, Transplant Medicine,” at the Bi-annual conference of the German Anthropological Association (GAA/DGV) “Zugehörigkeiten: Affektive, moralische und politische Praxen in einer vernetzten Welt,” Freie Universität Berlin.

August 2017. “Confined Live(r)s: Alcohol and the Ethics of Lists and Limits,” at the 4th Contemporary Drug Problems Conference “Making Alcohol and Other Drug Realities,” Helsinki.

July 2017. Paper: “Chronic Live(r)s: Temporal and Existential Uncertainties in Liver Transplant Medicine”, EASA Medical Anthropology Network, 2017 Biennal Conference Meeting “Bodies in Transition – Power, Knowledge and Medical Anthropology, Lisbon.

July 2016. Paper: “The manifold sites of information: managing uncertainties and responsibilities in transplant medicine”, 14th EASA Biennal Conference “Anthropological legacies and human futures,” University of Milano-Bicocca.

November 2015. Paper: “Warten auf das Spenderorgan. Existenzielle Unsicherheiten und emotionale Ambivalenzen,” 3rd Annual Day of Liver Transplantation Leipzig (3. Leipziger Lebertransplantationstag) “Lebertransplantation heute,” Leipzig University Hospital.

November 2015. Panel Co-Convenor: “Uncertainties as a Playground for Moralities,” SEG-SSE-Annual Meeting “Global Capitalism and the Challenge of Well-Being in the World,”  University of Bern, with Annika Lems.

May 2014. Paper: “Act of Violence – Act of Love,” International Workshop “Family Narratives/National(istic) Narratives,” University of Zurich.

June 2013. Workshop Co-Coordinator: “Crossing Borders – The Anthropology of Life and Death in Transnational Times,” 8th Days of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna, with Gerhild Perl and Veronika Siegl.

June 2012. Workshop Co-Coordinator: “Intimitäten erforschen: Berichte aus der Forschungswerkstatt,” 7th Days of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna, with Prof. Dr. Sabine Strasser, Melanie Schiller and Denise Herrera Peña.

June 2012. Paper: “Über Gewalt und Liebe: Transnationale Adoption in Österreich,” 7th Days of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna.


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