Veronika Siegl

Veronika Siegl is a research fellow and PhD student in Social Anthropology at the University of Bern, and a member of the Graduate School Gender Studies. Having studied at the Universities of Vienna and Manchester, she received her master’s degree at the former in 2012, with a thesis on “Transversal Politics. Negotiating positions and positionalities in anti-racist struggles” (German). As part of the project “Intimate Uncertainties” she is currently exploring the moral dimensions of the intimate, the emotional and the market in the context of trans-/national surrogacy in Russia, Ukraine, and the EU.  read more

Her research interests are in the fields of assisted reproduction, commercialised intimacies, morality, migration, social movements, (anti-)racism, feminist & postcolonial studies, affect/ emotion theory. Besides academia, Veronika Siegl enjoys venturing into journalism and editing.


Siegl, Veronika (forthcoming 2018): Zehn Monate/ Ten Months. In: Hildebrand, Sarah [ed.]: hope. Basel: Merian Verlag. (Foto- und Textband)

Siegl, Veronika (forthcoming 2018): Ambivalent Thankfulness and the Dilemma of Balancing Partiality in Surrogacy Research. In: Stodulka, Thomas; Dinkelaker, Samia; Thajib, Ferdiansyah [ed.]: Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork. (peer-reviewed)

Siegl, Veronika (2017): On Love and Courage. Interview with feminist scholar and activist Margo Okazawa-Rey (with Maaret Jokela-Pansini). In: genderstudies 30, 4 – 6.

Siegl, Veronika (2016): Feminismus und Leihmutterschaft. Ein Plädoyer für das Aushalten und Anerkennen von Widersprüchen. In: aep-Informationen. Feministische Zeitschrift für Politik und Gesellschaft 3/2016.

Siegl, Veronika (2015): Märkte der guten Hoffnung. Leihmutterschaft, Arbeit und körperliche Kommodifizierung in Russland. In: Prokla. Zeitschrift für kritische Sozialwissenschaft 178, 99 – 116.

Siegl, Veronika (2014): Die Blutspende als sozialer Vertrag. In: migrazine 2014/1.

Siegl, Veronika (2013): Getting in the Way of Happiness: Interview with political theorist Sara Ahmed. In: Frauensolidarität 127.

Siegl, Veronika (2013): Im Namen der Moral. Russlands LGBTI-Bewegung zwischen Angst und Hoffnung (Coverstory). In: Progress 5/13, 4 – 6.

Siegl, Veronika (2013): Ungleiche Reproduktion – reproduzierte Ungleichheit? Entwicklungen und Perspektiven transnationaler Fortpflanzungsindustrien. In: Frauensolidarität 125 , 28 – 29.

Siegl, Veronika (2011): Wie wertvoll ist wertfreie Epistemologie? Macht, Sprache und Transparenz in der Wissenschaft. In: Paradigmata Zeitschrift für Menschen und Diskurse 5, 42 – 45.

Presentations and Workshops:

September 2017. Presentation “Anleitung zum Glücklichsein. Die affektiven Ökonomien trans-/nationaler Leihmutterschaft” (Conference „Present Challenges of Gender Studies“; work conference of the institutions for women’s studies and gender studies in German-speaking countries, University of Cologne)

January 2017.  Co-organiser (with the IUC-research team): Semi-public international workshop “Intimate uncertainties: existential crises, moral consequences and feminist interventions”, Schloss Ueberstorf, Switzerland

November 2016. Presentation „Paid labour or compensated gifting? Exploring the moral and emotional dimensions in transnational surrogacy“ (Workshop „Moral struggles in and around markets“, University of Neuchatel)

September 2016. Session Co-organiser: “The relationship between agency and structure. From classical theories to contemporary debates” (International Exploratory Workshop “Imagine Otherwise: Connecting Debates, Moving Beyond”, University of Basel)

September 2016. Co-organiser: International Exploratory Workshop “Imagine Otherwise: Connecting Debates, Moving Beyond” (organised by the Network Gender Studies Switzerland, location: University of Basel)

April 2016. Presentation “‘Doing it business-style?’ The Moral and Emotional Work in Surrogacy” (International Workshop “Gender, Justice and the political economy of  the cross-border fertility industry”, University of Vienna)

February 2016. Co-organiser (with IUC-research team): International Workshop “Entangled in Moralities. Studying Morals and Ethical Subjects across Borders”, University of Bern

December 2015. Input and Discussion: “Doing it business-style” (Panel Discussion “Surrogacy as a point of dispute – transnational markets of reproduction, rights, and agency”, University of Basel, with Christa Wichterich, Nora Bertschi, and Sarah Schilliger)

November 2015. Presentation: “Moralities of Infertility. Intended Parents’ Perspectives on Surrogacy in Russia and Ukraine” (SEG-SSE-Annual Meeting “Global Capitalism and the Challenge of Well-Being in the World”, University of Bern)

October 2015. Presentation: Negotiating Power – Managing Uncertainty. Intended Parents’ Perspectives on Surrogacy in Russia and Ukraine” (International Workshop “The ART of reproducing difference. Discussing (in)equality in the context of reproductive travel”, University of Bern)

October 2015. Co-organiser: International Workshop “The ART of reproducing difference. Discussing (in)equality in the context of reproductive travel”, University of Bern

June 2015. Presentation: “Altruistic Pragmatism. Social understandings of surrogate motherhood in Russia” (International Research Seminar in Sociology, Higher School of Economics, Moscow)

February 2015. Presentation: “Neoliberal markets, free choices and the imagination of the East. Discussing surrogate motherhood in Russia” (Symposium “Body Discourses / Body Politics and Agency“, University of Vienna)

June 2013. Workshop Co-organiser: “Crossing Borders. The Anthropology of Life and Death in Transnational Times” (Days of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna)

June 2012
. Presentation: “Transversal politics. Equality and difference in antiracist migrant protest“ (Days of Cultural and Social Anthropology, University of Vienna)


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